Markets We Serve

National Discount Networks Inc. (NDNI) created various niche benefit programs for brokers, consultants, and marketing organizations to serve clients with diverse needs. Our turnkey benefit programs can provide tremendous value to any organization or individual. Our partners work with multiple markets, each with unique requirements.

Many individuals, whether part-time or self-employed, have limited access to benefits because of their work status, industry, or company size.

Healthcare costs continue increasing indefinitely, so employers of all sizes are shifting more of this financial burden to employees by eliminating or drastically reducing some traditional benefits. Simultaneously, employers aim to ease administrative burdens on HR and payroll departments. Providing value-added benefits with no payroll deductions, reconciliation, or administration could address some of these challenges.

With evolving employee benefit offerings due to healthcare and financial reforms, brokers and consultants must actively seek innovative programs to efficiently provide maximum value for their clients. NDNI’s technology delivers value-added benefits with minimal administration and cost for brokers, consultants, employers and employees.

Associations/Affinity Groups
Many organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce and alumni associations, seek to expand their member services and generate revenue beyond dues and deposits. NDNI’s platform offers these organizations a suite of non-insurance benefits that can provide additional value for members while creating new revenue streams.

Unions/Labor Organizations
Regardless of whether a union is a trade union or a municipal union, offering value-added benefits to members is crucial, especially during tough economic times when employers face tight negotiations over updated labor contracts. The simple, affordable, and valuable benefits that NDNI provides can significantly enhance any benefit package at a low cost.

Insurance Carriers/Managed Care Organizations
In a difficult economic climate, insurance companies and managed care organizations face pressure to offer competitive, innovative products and cut costs. NDNI’s unique benefit programs platform can provide the value-added benefits these companies need to stand out.